Aristides Protopapadakis

Managing Director

Aristides is SYSTEMIC’s Founder and Managing Director, currently leading its expansion and global reach. He has extensive experience in risk management, banking, investment funds, and has led numerous risk outsourcing and system implementation projects in different industries across SYSTEMIC’s most demanding clients.


The Blockchain technology offers a special security model and allows for an important disintermediation thus significantly reducing thee cost of transacting and of maintaining different types of assets, not merely crypto-currencies.


Fund Administrators need to be multi-competent for assuming a much broader role than traditional fund accounting and transfer agency, by supporting multiple functions within risk & portfolio management and compliance.

Three pitfalls to avoid when selecting service providers for your startup fund - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Startup funds often focus on investment management and distribution while neglecting critical tasks of operational nature. What should be the criteria for selecting the right partner(s) for such tasks?

Systemic Corporate Environment

When I founded SYSTEMIC, back in 1999, most of my friends and fellow coworkers at CITI and ABN AMRO envied my new independent status.