About us

Founded in 1999, SYSTEMIC develops financial software and provides services for investment and risk management professionals. Trusted partner of leading local and multinational organizations, SYSTEMIC has built its expertise by combining a strong financial acumen with a deep understanding of modern Information Technology. This enables SYSTEMIC to develop and deliver sophisticated - yet affordable and practical - software solutions, and to provide clients with a wide range of consulting and reporting services, helping them better understand and manage their investment portfolios. 


Our People

Proud for the quality and the caliber of its people, SYSTEMIC shares a sense of shared ownership fostering teamwork and cross-functional interaction. This blending of financial expertise with software know-how leads to reduced development cycles and, eventually, to superior product quality and functionality. All our financial and technical people have strong academic backgrounds in Finance, Risk Management and Software Engineering while many of them have worked with leading organizations. SYSTEMIC's executive team has first-hand knowledge of the best practices and the needs of global markets and banks, in particular.



RiskValue platform is at the core of SYSTEMIC's value proposition. We constantly develop our software solutions, making sure that they remain relevant, lean, flexible, transparent, scalable and easy-to-operate, so as to match in a timely manner the ever-changing needs of the market. Trying to be a step ahead of what the market anticipates, we leverage innovative approaches to help our clients add true value to their offering.

Working closely with the actual users of our systems and services, we adapt SYSTEMIC's offering to the specific needs of each client. Customer centricity has always been key to the development process, leading to bespoke solutions which incorporate current market trends and individual needs. Besides tailor-made solutions, SYSTEMIC offers dedicated training and client support services, through a highly-skilled team of relationship officers.


Managed Services

Leveraging on its deep understanding of client requirements, SYSTEMIC also offer its risk management and regulatory reporting solutions in the form of managed services, helping clients achieve significant cost savings and maintain their peace of mind.