Join our team at Systemic, where innovation meets expertise in the financial industry. Our company culture celebrates diversity, encourages professional growth, and fosters a dynamic workplace environment. Systemic is not just a place to work; it’s a place to excel, innovate, and impact the financial world positively. Explore our current job openings and discover how you can contribute to our mission of delivering exceptional financial solutions. Submit your CV today and take the first step towards a rewarding career with us.

At Systemic, our culture is grounded in innovation, collaboration, and a deep commitment to our clients’ success. We nurture a supportive environment where creativity thrives, encouraging our team to explore new ideas and solutions. Diversity and inclusion are at our core, ensuring varied perspectives lead to groundbreaking outcomes. We’re dedicated to professional growth, offering opportunities for our team to excel and shape the future of finance. Join us in making a difference, where your work not only contributes to our story but also drives the financial industry forward.
Our team at Systemic embodies dedication, expertise, and innovation. Comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds, our people bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and insight to every project. We value collaboration, encourage ongoing learning, and foster an environment where each member is supported to reach their full potential. Together, we work towards shared goals, driving success for our clients and shaping the future of the financial industry with integrity and excellence.


Competitive Salaries

Attractive compensation packages, benchmarked with industry standards.

Continuous Learning

We offer training courses to ensure our team remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

Professional Growth

Enjoy ample opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

Collaborative Team

Join a supportive team that values collaboration & diversity.

Cutting-Edge Technology​

Keeping your skills sharp with the latest technologies and tools. 

Work-Life Balance

Benefit from a culture that recognizes the importance of personal time and flexibility.



Explore our current job openings and discover how you can contribute to our mission of delivering exceptional financial solutions.

Financial Risk Consultant

Hybrid | Full-Time | Athens, Greece

Read more about the description and the main responsibilities of the role, the job requirements & the benefits of working with us at Systemic!

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