Alpha Finance – Systemic: success partnering

In 2014, Alpha Finance embarked on a transformative collaboration with Systemic to revolutionize their trading operations. The project involved implementing state-of-the-art exchange traded derivatives back-office systems, market risk measurement tools, online portfolio monitoring, and limits management software. Recently, this initiative expanded to include sophisticated investment management software, significantly enhancing back-office and portfolio management operations for advisory portfolios.

Throughout the collaboration, Alpha Finance encountered significant challenges. Integrating new systems with existing ones and connecting with various counterparties required meticulous planning and execution. Customizing the system to align with internal requirements that had been in place for many years, while also incorporating re-engineered processes, proved to be a complex task. Additionally, maintaining high data quality was essential for accurate reporting and effective risk management, necessitating robust data governance and quality assurance measures.

Despite these challenges, the benefits for Alpha Finance have been substantial. Automation of various back-office tasks, such as trade processing, reconciliation, settlement, and reporting, has significantly reduced the need for manual intervention, leading to faster and more efficient transaction processing. Enhanced risk monitoring capabilities have allowed Alpha Finance to better manage their exposure and make informed decisions. Comprehensive client reporting has further solidified their market position, providing transparency and confidence to their clients. This collaboration has enabled Alpha Finance to streamline operations, improve compliance, and strengthen their risk management framework, positioning them for continued success in the competitive financial markets.

Summarising what Alpha Finance has gained:

  • Automation of various back-office tasks such as trade processing, reconciliation, settlement, and reporting, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. This leads to faster and more efficient processing of transactions.
  • Improved risk monitoring 
  • Comprehensive client reporting

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