A New Era for Systemic with a renewed Corporate Identity and new goals!

Systemic, one of the leading companies in investment and risk management software solutions, has launched its new comprehensive corporate identity. For the past 25 years, Systemic has been steadily growing while contributing to advancements in the financial software technology sector.

The rebranding aims to reflect the company’s new strategic plan for expansion and growth, both within and outside Greece. It highlights Systemic’s enhanced role as a premier provider of integrated investment and risk management solutions and a strategic partner that supports its clients’ growth. With a mission to improve the strategic capabilities of industry professionals, Systemic aims to lay the foundation for a future where its clients can achieve their maximum potential, staying true to its timeless values and commitment to providing top-quality services and solutions.

In this direction, the company’s new logo, embracing the debranding philosophy, is free of symbols, designed with a modern typeface and a refreshed color palette in shades of red, the color historically associated with the company. Red symbolizes energy and strength, key characteristics for the financial sector and Systemic’s pursuit of excellence. The logo is completed with a discreet dot, strategically placed to emphatically denote Systemic’s leadership role in the industry.

The corporate identity, developed on the company’s revamped website, is completed with the colors black and white, which exude professionalism and clarity, aligning with the premium and reliable services that Systemic offers. The overall design, dominated by bold curves, creates a modern, professional, and dynamic identity that harmonizes with the company’s core values and ethos.

The new corporate narrative, which frames the design identity and focuses on the company’s mission and values (Credibility, Data-Driven Performance, Customer-Centric Approach, and Integrity), is summarized in the motto: “Beyond Investment Management Software Solutions, Trusted Guidance.”

With a modern approach and confidence, Systemic’s new identity underscores its vision to play a leading role in the financial market at both national and international levels, as a reliable partner that continually evolves to meet the dynamic needs of the market and elevate the businesses it serves to new heights.

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