Alpha Trust – Systemic: success partnering

AlphaTrust, founded in 1987, is the oldest and largest independent asset manager of private and institutional investors, domiciled in Greece. Regulated by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Alpha Trust is listed in the main market of ASE, operates in Greece and Luxembourg, and provides investment management solutions for Private and Institutional Clients, including UCITS, AIFs, Discretionary Mandates, Advisory, and Reception and transmission of orders.

Since 2017, Systemic and Alpha Trust have built a strong partnership, greatly enhancing Alpha Trust’s success. The collaboration began with the deployment of sophisticated financial risk management and regulatory reporting tools to strengthen UCITS and Institutional portfolios. In 2018, we introduced advanced back-office software, improving management for private and institutional investment portfolios, including major pension funds. By 2020, our fund accounting solution improved NAV calculation accuracy and streamlined UCITS accounting. In 2022, our new portfolio management software set standards in operational efficiency with enhanced order management, real-time monitoring, and regulatory compliance. Early 2023 saw the successful introduction of our PRIIPs KID software, boosting compliance capabilities with dynamic KID generation and performance scenario calculations.

Despite challenges like detailed data migration and system customization, our efforts have made Alpha Trust more efficient and innovative. Our partnership exemplifies a commitment to excellence and innovation, driving Alpha Trust to new levels of success and continuing to set industry standards. Alpha Trust has gained a central installation for all their business activities, achieving economies of scale and optimizing their IT budget. Daily processes have become more efficient, and better organization and communication have been established between multiple internal users. The all-in-one software solution has facilitated quick adaptation to new regulatory obligations and business requirements without extensive data management efforts or interfaces with other databases.

Summarizing what Alpha Trust has gained:

  • A central installation for all their business activities. Economies of scale and IT budget.
  • Efficiency in daily processes.
  • Better organization and communication between multiple internal users. (i.e. Common central operations between different company departments) 
  • Time to market. Because of all-in-one software solution any new regulatory obligation and business requirement is easily adapted without data management effort and interfaces with other databases.

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