CC Fund Services – Systemic: success partnering

In a landmark collaboration initiated in late 2021, Systemic and CC Fund Services set out an ambitious journey to revolutionize fund administration. Our collaboration introduced a cutting-edge software solution tailored for UCITS and AIFs, embracing diverse investments from financial assets to private equity and real estate. Through meticulously crafted onboarding and KYC/AML procedures, seamless third-party integrations, and unwavering compliance with MFSA regulations, we’ve not only elevated fund administration but transformed it into an engine of growth and innovation. Challenges were met head-on: from navigating complex data migrations to delivering swift responses to urgent requests and tailoring the system to meet longstanding specifics. But through innovation and dedication, we didn’t just overcome obstacles; we turned them into steppingstones toward unprecedented success. The results speak volumes: an integrated solution capable of handling any NAV frequency, unparalleled adaptability to regulatory changes, and automated procedures that not only streamline operations but propel CC Fund Services into a realm of unrivaled efficiency and precision. Coupled with tailor-made workflows for onboarding and seamless integrations with third parties, CC Fund Services now operates as a beacon of excellence, setting new standards and inspiring others to follow suit.

Summarizing what CC Fund Services has gained:

  • An integrated software solution for any NAV frequency calculation (from daily to annual frequencies)
  • Time to market. Due to the flexibility and architecture of RiskValue to cover broad range of asset classes and financial instruments, any new regulatory obligation and business requirement is easily adapted without data management effort and interfaces with other databases.
  • Fully automated procedures for funds NAV and fees policies calculation, accounting entries generation and validations according to funds prospectuses and other internal constraints. 
  • A customized workflow for automated onboarding process of new Fund Managers, Funds and Investors.
  • Integrations with third parties including custodians, distribution platforms, AML databases and data vendors.
  • Better organization and communication between multiple internal users. (i.e. customized blocking rules, internal controls, workflows, validations and warning messages) 

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