Optima Bank – Systemic: success partnering

Since 2003, Optima bank, formerly known as the Investment Bank of Greece, has been collaborating with Systemic to enhance its financial operations. Our journey together began with pioneering projects such as the implementation of advanced back-office and front-office systems, laying the foundation for the bank’s success in derivatives trading. Over the years, the partnership evolved to meet asset management needs for private investment portfolios along with the changing regulatory requirements and market demands. This includes providing crucial services such as transactions reporting in compliance with regulations like EMIR, SFTR, and MiFID.

With the establishment of Optima bank in 2019, our collaboration entered a new phase of expansion and innovation. We embarked on ambitious projects, including the implementation of Market & Liquidity risk systems and the extension of back-office capabilities to cover trading and clearing services in energy markets. Despite challenges such as aggressive market demands and complex system integrations, our commitment to Optima bank’s success remains steadfast. By leveraging the flexibility and scalability of RiskValue’s architecture, we empower Optima bank to adapt swiftly to regulatory changes and emerging market trends, while also streamlining its daily operations and enhancing overall efficiency. Through our continued partnership, we strive to drive Optima bank towards continued success and excellence in the financial industry.

Summarizing what Optima Bank has gained:

  • Time to market. Due to the flexibility and architecture of RiskValue to cover broad range of asset classes and financial instruments, any new regulatory obligation and business requirement is easily adapted without data management effort and interfaces with other databases.
  • Integration into a single system of many different applications offering the bank efficiency in its daily operations.
  • IT budget

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