CF Fund Services – Systemic: success partnering

With the inception of the partnership in 2017, Systemic and CF Fund Services embarked on a transformative journey aimed at digitalising the fund administration work. The deployment of a multifaceted software solution including critical functions such as fund accounting, investor registry operations, and KYC/AML procedures has been a great assistance in the structuration of CF Fund. Overcoming challenges such as complex data migration and system customisation, the collaboration introduced processes that automated NAV calculation, established customized workflows for onboarding new clients and Investors, and facilitated seamless integrations with custodians, platforms, AML databases, and data vendors.

Summarizing what CF Fund Services has gained:

  • Automated procedures for funds NAV and fees policies calculation, accounting entries generation and validations according to funds prospectuses and other internal constraints. 
  • A customized workflow for the onboarding process of new Fund Managers, Funds and Investors.
  • Integrations with third parties including custodians, distribution platforms, AML databases and data vendors (without data management effort and interfaces with other databases).
  • Capability to cover a broad range of asset classes and financial instruments. 
  • Alignment with regulatory obligation.

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