ELIKONOS Capital – Systemic: success partnering

Elikonos Capital, an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) regulated by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC), focuses on providing Private Equity investment vehicles aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Greece. The company also offers various Hedge Fund strategies, catering to diverse investor needs. The collaboration with Systemic began in 2022, initially centering on implementing RiskValue to enhance fund management operations, particularly in monitoring Net Asset Value (NAV) and investor registry processes.

Within months, this partnership expanded to include comprehensive financial risk management reporting services, tailored specifically for Elikonos’s hedge fund strategies. Customizing the system to meet internal reporting requirements and operational workflows was a significant challenge, particularly in ensuring alignment with the organization’s goals to improve overall efficiency. Responding promptly to parallel requests related to alternative investment funds (AIFs) required a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and complexities of these funds.

Through this collaboration, Elikonos Capital streamlined its daily operations, improving efficiency and fostering a more productive work environment. Continuous updates, maintenance, and dedicated support from Systemic ensured that the system remained robust and adaptive to Elikonos’s evolving needs. This comprehensive approach not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also underscored Elikonos’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of Greek SMEs while offering sophisticated investment options to its clients.

Summarising what ELIKONOS Capital has gained:

  • Streamline their daily operations, improving efficiency, and creating a productive and harmonious work environment
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Continuous updates, maintenance, and support with dedicated resources.

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