Investment Management Back-Office

A consolidated back-office solution for discretionary and advisory managed accounts among many custodians, clearing agents and brokers for any financial instrument and investment component.

Main Features

Investments Accounting

  • Investments accounting, PnL calculation with several methodologies
  • Maintenance of several managed accounts per customer account based on investment profile and strategy
  • Mark-to-Market/Model valuation based on theoretical pricing models
  • Transactions settlement process and reconciliation with custodians
  • Analytical portfolios’ cash flows and cost analysis break-down
  • Portfolio cash flow projections
  • Corporate actions maintenance and automatic processing
  • Confirmations, statements and detailed profitability/exposure/expenses reports
  • Collateral transactions, valuation and reconciliation
  • Structured floating indices and amortization schedules for fixed income securities/transactions
  • Journal entries generation according to company's accounting scheme

Fees and Expenses

Calculation of fees and expenses based on user defined pricing schemes:

  • Design and execution transaction fees schemes (Exchange, Clearing, Broker) - Complex fees schemes (groups, strategies, exceptions, etc.) per instrument, market, currency, product type, etc.
  • Management, custody and administration fees calculation
  • High water mark performance fees and hurdle rates
  • Amortization of expenses using any type of cash flow schedules and manual adjustments
  • Design and execution profit centre fees schemes (retrocessions)

Cash management

  • Comprehensive cash accounts maintenance (multiple cash accounts per customer/clearing account/sub-account, nostro accounts)
  • Automatic cash transactions and payment notes generation based on daily trading/investment activity
  • Cash balances per transaction and valeur date
  • On-line transactions and payments to banking systems
  • Cash transactions and balances reconciliation
  • Cash flow projections and projected cash balances
  • Automated Money Market and FX transactions generation



  • Interfaces with data vendors for uploading daily and historical closing prices
  • Market data integrity controls based on calendars and holidays
  • Electronic interfaces for data import/export/reconciliation
  • Bulk orders receival and automatic allocation to multiple position accounts