Fund Accounting

RiskValue can help to increase operational efficiency across the daily NAV calculation process through automation, including sophisticated fee schemes on all fund group levels.

Main Features

Management of Transactions & Portfolios

  • Capture block and allocated trades through direct links to trading venues, CCPs, GCMs
  • Support all asset classes as well as structured products and complex trading strategies
  • Trades notifications, import and validation
  • Trade confirmation and allocation to multiple accounts with user defined rules
  • Portfolios’ transactions netting
  • Exercise/Assign of contracts and generation of any underlying trades
  • Life-cycle events for OTC derivatives

A full range of financial and other investment instruments is supported by the system

  • Cash instruments, Money Market & FX deals, listed and OTC derivatives
  • Fund of Funds, structured products and exotic derivatives
  • Real Estate and Private Equity Investment Characteristics

Fees and Expenses

  • Calculation of transaction, management, custody and administration fees
  • Any type of schedule for automatic calculation based on user-defined schemes and manual adjustments
  • Amortization of expenses and incomes using any type of cash flow schedules
  • Performance fees - high water mark and hurdle rates
  • Shares adjustment equalization approach for investors’ performance fee

Valuation and NAV

  • Realized/Unrealized PnL calcualtion based on several methodologies (FiFo, LiFo, unit cost, weighted average, specified matching, etc.)
  • Calculate analytically portfolios’ cash flows and cost analysis
  • Mark-to-Market/Model valuation based on theoretical pricing models (i.e. NPV for interest rate products and option pricing models)
  • Portfolio cash flow projections
  • Accruals management (amortization schedules)
  • Portfolio accounting and NAV calculation per share class

Interfaces and Reconciliation

  • Interfaces with brokerage firms for automatic import of daily transactions
  • Connect to General Clearing Members (GCMs) or other trading platforms for real-time deal capturing
  • Interfaces with custody banking systems for automatic import and control of daily cash transactions and balances
  • Interfaces with custodians for daily reconciliation of positions, cash balances and NAVs
  • Interface with data vendor (i.e. Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, SIX Financial, etc.) for instruments characteristics, closing prices, FX rates, interest rates, spreads, and corporate action events
  • Documented web services and SQL views for integration with other systems

Cash Management

  • Management of cash bank accounts and reconciliation
  • Cash flows generation and automatic payments
  • Automated FX transactions generation

Financial Statements

  • Multiple parallel accounting frameworks (IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Ledger entries are automatically generated and posted to the appropriate accounts based on pre-defined or custom posting rules
  • High degree of customizations to companies’ accounting schemes
  • Automatic generation of annual reports
  • Reports and statistics for regulatory authorities